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ATRIH Technologies is a brand of ATRIH Limited Liability Company founded in 2009. It owns a number of full capital and holding subsidiaries in Shenzhen, and Ningbo, China.
As a modern and high tech manufacturing enterprise, we mainly produce coaxial cables, car cables, audio and video cables, optical fiber cables, alarm cables, and control cables. Our cables are used in automotives, electronics, audio systems, video surveillance systems, and intelligent building systems which meet the standards of CE and RoHS. Our modern production lines provide unique advantages in OEM/ODM. We mainly export and distribute to the Americas and Europe.
All products are strictly tested and approved before shipping to customers, hence adhering to quality standards. According to the need of customers, we can develop new products, timely organize production, and provide certification.

Our Location

82 Parker Road Plainsboro, NJ 08536 USA. Phone #: 848-667-4544
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